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Monday, March 17, 2014

Paint a Bottle

 Here is something you may want to try.  I was really surprised at how nicely they turned out!  Ok, getting ahead of myself.  So let's start at what you will need.  You are going to need some glass bottles, colors of acrylic paint of your choice. Time and patience!
 What usually happens when I want to do a blog post is, I get so excited about what I am going to do, that I forget to get the pictures going.  I will try to do better at that, but here is an example of what you might choose.  These are small bottles, so use whatever ones you like.  I did wash the bottles first before I did anything else.  Some of them were kind of stained, and I wasn't sure how that would work, but it covered it up. I'm guessing how well they stained were covered and the colors of paint that I used were good for covering that up.  So you may have to play around with this for what you may do.
I began by thinning the paint, just a little.  The pink was pretty runny, so I didn't water that one down at all.  I poured some into the bottle and began turning the bottle and watching the paint cover the inside of the bottle.  I kept adding paint, as needed, to cover the whole inside of the bottle.  I laid them on their sides to dry.  I think they would look nice with some burlap flowers inside, or maybe some silk flowers.  Or maybe you'd like to see them on your window sill.  Hope you have fun making bottles whatever color you need them to be.

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